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The development of basic skills is one of the reasons you should send your child to elementary school.

Communication and collaboration are essential skills for your kid to learn. A child learns to interact with other children in elementary school. As a result, kids make friends, begin to build friendships, and concentrate on excellent education. As a result, a child's initial exposure to "skill learning" occurs only in primary school.

The Primary School seeks to foster a balance between individual growth and community responsibility in each child. Every student's ethical, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth is stimulated and promoted in our energizing and supportive environment.

The most significant skills and information for a learner of this age are not isolated facts and exercises, but rather the child's capacity to make sense of the work by integrating it with past knowledge and experience.

The four cardinal goals of this institution are:

Excellent Knowledge
Quality Skill
Fear of God

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Mrs Akannai, Head Teacher