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We are delighted to introduce you to Life-Baker Group of Schools. We have a lot to offer you and your child as a leading educational, vocational, and creative institution with a national reputation for academic  excellence using modern technology. We are proud of the attention paid to our student-welfare unit, which is led by experienced counsellors who are available to support, assist, and advise your child throughout their time at Life-Baker.


The Ogun State government, the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), the National Examinations Council of Nigeria (NECO), the National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB), and Cambridge International Examinations UK have all approved the school to prepare students for their examinations.


The School’s academic infrastructure is extensive and modern, and has been reviewed and authorized by the aforementioned authorizing authorities. Custom-built School buildings and hostels, laboratories, technical workshops, libraries, music studios, home-economic centres, art studios, computer facilities, fashion and fabric centre, Auto Cad centre, Computer Based Test Centre (CBT) and medical centres are among the amenities.


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Our Entrepreneurial Centres

Our facilities at Life-Baker Schools are not restricted to instructional resources, therefore we made a determined effort to obtain facilities for technical and entrepreneurial abilities. This is to help the students develop a problem solving mindset and build financial independence. The following are the school’s entrepreneurship centres:


Fabric and Fashion Design Centre

The goal is to teach students about the essentials of fashion designing. Fashion design is a career that encompasses the full process of designing and creating fashion apparels.


Catering and Decoration Centre

The catering and decoration business is one of the most successful and attractive home-based business opportunities, with a lot of room for expansion and growth.


Electrical and Electronics Installation Centre

This program teaches students the essentials of electronic installation. It is a crucial step on the path to becoming a fully qualified and certified electrical engineer. This course will educate students on how to work in the electronics sector via study and hands-on experience.


Woodwork Production and Interior Decoration Centre

From ancient crafts to a highly specialized and technical setting, this industry has evolved. Woodwork and Interior Decoration industry, which is linked to carpentry and joinery, creates the furniture we see and use every day.


Leather Work Production Centre

Can you recognize when you see shining, thousand-dollar leather handbags and leather boots made from certain animal skins? It is almost as though the glamour and glam of these things reduces the likelihood. This is because these items have been through rigorous and extensive leather production techniques. The ideas and techniques of leather processing are discussed in leather technology.


Music and Entertainment Centre

Our students Music centre fosters craftsmanship. Our students learn how to compose music, how to play various instruments, and how to organise musical events.


Art and Craft Production Centre

Arts and Craft ensure students learn to respect and appreciate artefacts and images from all cultures and periods. Thanks to their experience in design, art, and crafts, our students learn how to create meaningful and beautiful artworks, and to collaborate artistically 


Computer Studies Centre

If you enjoy solving mathematical problems, learning about programming and programming languages, using computer to solve real-life problems, then you should find computer science interesting. To deepen this knowledge, Life Baker is in collaboration with Microsoft Imagine Academy, USA to provide current knowledge in computer education of International standard to our learners. To this end, students write two professional examinations before graduation and this gives them edge over their peers elsewhere.



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Muhammed Sultan
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Olalekan Taiwo
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Edna Akinshade Raphael

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