History of School

Life-Baker Group of Schools, as it was then known, began as a daycare centreĀ in 2006 with the primary goal of offering Total Quality Education to a diverse group of befuddled students who had been victims of educational manipulators over time.

Since then, the school has evolved from a daycare centre to what is currently known as the Life-Baker Group of Schools.
The abundance of purportedly learning centres in today’s society makes it extremely difficult for parents and education enthusiasts to identify and select the ideal learning centre for them.

This situation poses an educational challenge for today’s students and also foreshadows grave peril for our leaders in the near future. It is undeniable that the educational system has been hijacked by all-corner profiteers who are only concerned with the profit they can make from the “business” of educating at the expense of the quality of education that parents demand. This is clearly a case of intellectual disaster.

The good news is that Life-Baker International Group of Schools has arrived to save the educational system from utter collapse.