Engaging a home tutor for children is good, as it helps them get better in their academics. It also helps them to develop a study pattern, after school hours. As good as this sounds, it is very vital that a parent takes adequate care in hiring a home tutor, to avoid regrettable situations.

As a parent, the following factors must be considered before hiring a home tutor for your children.

  1. Run a background check: By all means, parents must run thorough background checks on the tutor before hiring him or her. Check their personal information and also their history in home tutoring. Ask other parents who have engaged the tutor and get their opinions before engaging the person.
  2. Check qualifications: Ensure that the tutor is versed in the subjects he or she would be teaching your children. Also ensure that the tutor follows the school curricular and textbooks, to avoid conflicting what the child is being taught at school.
  3. Healthy interaction skills: Parents should ensure that the tutor is confident and empathic while relating with the learners. It is important that the tutor understands the language of the learner and knows how to communicate with them in a way that they can relate to. All children are not the same, they learn in different ways and the tutor should be able to know how to handle each learner that they encounter.
  4. Hear your child’s opinion: The child is a very important stakeholder here; so, his or her opinion should matter. Mind you, it is the learner and not the parent that would be spending time with the tutor, so it is vital to let the child meet the tutor and give their opinion. If your child keeps insisting that he or she is not comfortable with a tutor you are about to engage, then it is better to look elsewhere for a tutor.
  5. Think safety at all times: Safety at all times: Before considering engaging a home tutor, make sure that your child would always have an older family member around during the classes. With the spate of kidnaps and other social vices, it is dangerous to leave a learner alone with the tutor, each time they are having a class.


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