We thank God for His grace over all Life-Baker Group of Schools and its stake holders and to you our loyal parents. The Almighty God has been kind to us all for the successful completion of First Term 2022/23 Academic Session. During the 1st Term of the Session, all the activities of the School went as planned, to God be the glory.

Life-Baker is well known for FREE and QUALITATIVE Entrepreneurship programme and in the provision of a world-class computer education under the watch of Microsoft Image Academy (USA). These two programmes are free so as to ensure that all learners in Life-Baker
benefit from it, though the programmes cost the School huge amount of money every year. With this understanding, the little School fees we charge for tuition, accommodation, transport, please encourage us by paying them before resumption date in January, 2023. We count on you

In addition to existing extra programmes like: Advanced studies, Computer education, French language, Microsoft Imagine Academy, the School has introduced: Technical Drawing and AUTOCAD with effect for 1st August, 2022. It is for all Engineering students. It runs from 4-6pm
Monday to Friday for Week-days sessions and 9:00am to 5pm on Saturday for weekend session.

RESUMPTION DATE: All things being equal, and by the grace of God, the School will resume on Monday, 9th January, 2023.

We pray that God Almighty will protect all our children, parents and all Life-Baker staff. Amen.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

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