With a world that is constantly changing, it is important that students build their skills before graduating from high school. Entrepreneurship has become a very vital part of school curriculum.  identifying the potentials in students and building those potentials to meet future economic demands.  Encouraging students to develop independent mind-set and grooming their problem solving abilities.

From learning the art of production; to mastering creativity and arts, here are five reasons a student should acquire entrepreneurship skills.

Learning basic life skills: Entrepreneurship helps in building basic life skills in students.  Training of these skills will enable them to be creative and innovative towards identifying opportunities and making great use of those opportunities. 

Identifying and solving problems: Entrepreneurship teaches students how to identify problems and proffer solutions to them.  It develops the mind to be ready for change.  In a changing environment, entrepreneurs identify imminent problems and provide means to solving those problems.  They create new ideas and opportunities.

Building creativity: Entrepreneurship teaches creativity and enables the students put their potentials to good use.  Learning skills opens a vast reservoir of talent and ability that even the students might not know they possessed.  The realization of what they are capable of sparks their creativity and drives their passion for innovation.

Developing leadership qualities: Students who identify and solve problems exhibit leadership qualities.  Their ability to think of ideas and build solutions makes them stand out among peers.  The training they acquire empowers them to being trailblazers.

Building financial independence: With a constant reduction in job opportunities in the labour market, students who acquire entrepreneurial skills become ready to create and provide solutions.  They become business owners who have solutions to human needs. They have the opportunity of building their business and providing jobs for people.


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